Infective Disease

1.Vector bourne Disease most common

A) Malaria
B) Dengue fever
C) Chikungunya
All are spread by mosquitos.
More common in month of June to November

Malaria :-

types most common
P. Falciparum

Symptoms :-

❖ High fever & Chills & Rifol.
❖ Headache
❖ Nausea
❖ Vomiting
❖ Rash over body

Complication (more common P. Palciparum)

❖ Bleeding (Thrombocytopenia)
❖ Acute kidney injury
❖ Acute lung injury (ARDS)
❖ Liver injury (hepatitis)
❖ Severe anemia
❖ Meningitis / encephalitis
❖ Severe Acidosis